KT Trading offers Wetblue processed by state-of-the-art tanneries, rated at the top level “Gold “ standard by the Leather Working Group. All materials are carefully selected individually by our own professional teams. Our internal processes focus on ensuring Wetblue of the highest quality and selection for our customers.

Our products are carefully developed for our customers, many of whom are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, with distinctive character and creativity. Our materials are developed to serve as high-end raw materials for leather goods and shoes.  

Tanners are upcyclers, by taking a waste product from the meat industry and fully purposing the entire waste product:  Wetblue Drop Splits, partly processed splits and the Wetblue Grains, which are solely developed for our Wetblue customers.

After tanning our full substance hides, we split them and obtain a second layer called Wetblue Drop Splits. These are assorted into individual weight ranges, origins, and quality selections, in order to allocate the best fit of raw material for our customers. Our part processed splits are used as raw materials for the collagen industry.