Bespoke Products

As a distributor and a manufacturer of raw hides to Wetblue and finished leathers, KT Trading has become recognised internationally. Our passion for blending craftmanship together with sustainability and innovative processes and tannings such as DriTan® has seen KT Trading become a resource-saving and environmentally friendly organisation. For all of our products, we engage in making efficient use of all materials we process, along with any by-products..

The Wetblue made by KT Trading is utilized by tanneries producing leathers for the highest end of the leather goods and shoe markets.

Our dedication and know-how has resulted in leathers with very unique characteristics that serves a demanding customer base which focus on quality and sustainability which needs stable raw material and production process.

Some of our customers are increasingly seeking innovative ideas within the field of raw materials, tanning processes and opportunities to constantly explore new boundaries within developing their products. As a result of this along with our high stability of processes in our products, allows KT Trading to serve both classic, traditional tanners as well as the progressive and innovative leathermaker who seeks to move boundaries.